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Summer Top

A while ago I started making a summer top. I chose the easiest pattern I could find, but it was still pretty hard to make.
It doesn’t help that you can’t follow an exact pattern, because you have to adjust for size. Not that I ever follow patterns.

Here is the result:

Crocheted summer top in blue

Now let me start off by saying that for my first try, I’m pretty damn proud of this. It actually fits, and the colour is awesome!
It was made with 2 skeins of Patons Grace cotton yarn I had in my stash. If I was going to wear this I would have made it a bit longer, and would have needed more yarn.

What I would do different.

  • The shoulders were easy, and looked pretty much the way I imagined, although it could have been slightly wider. After that it was a process of crochet, try it on, frog it, and start all over again. Many times.
  • The armholes were either too tight or too loose and floppy. It was a matter of increasing and decreasing stitches as I went along. When I got past the bust area it became easier.
  • The other thing I should have done, was crochet in a spiral, instead of closing each round. In the picture you’ll notice the stitches where I closed each round, in the bottom left of the top.

As I mentioned, I won’t be wearing this, and have already frogged it, but I will use the yarn for something else, and I definitely will come back to this pattern again at some point.

P.S – I will make up for not posting anything last week, by doing 2 posts this week. This cutie pie below distracted me for the first half of the week. I don’t have an excuse for the second half of the week. šŸ™‚

Cute dog