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New Skills

It’s been a while since I posted, I know. We did some traveling, and I had my parents visiting from South Africa.

In that time, I finally got my sewing machine fixed and my mom was able to help me with my first project! As a kid, she taught me to sew, first by hand, and later on my grandmother’s old treadle sewing machine. At one point I had an unfortunate little accident that involved the needle and thread going through my finger. Thanks to my mom insisting I get back on that horse, the incident didn’t leave any lasting scars (other than the one on my finger).

Well, here it is. I made an awesome sewing machine cover and matching pin cushion! The tree and birdie were stenciled on both sides of the cover and the pin cushion.

Stenciled fabric hanging to dry

Here is the stenciled fabric pieces hanged to dry.

Top part of sewing machine cover

This is the top section with the handle opening.

Sewing machine cover and pin cushion with stencil tree

The end result!

We of course did a ton of crocheting too. I’ll show some of the unfinished projects in a different post. The biggest project of the visit is one that I’m very proud of. It’s a top that I crocheted for my mom, and one that I finished with 2 hours to spare, before we had to take her to the airport for her trip home.

Crocheted flower top