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Bag of Tricks

Some of the first things I made was a couple pouches for me and Michael’s d&d games.

Crocheted pouches in blue and teal

I used a very easy pattern from Shala Beads.
The 4 leaves were crocheted in a pretty dark blue worsted weight from my local yarn store. These leaves were then crocheted together with black worsted weight yarn. At the top I went around with 2 rows of single crochet, a row of double crochet (where the ribbon was going to go through), and ended it off with another row of single crochet. Michael made the bead by drilling a small hole through a d20 die, which I then put on a black ribbon to close the pouch.

The blue one has a more masculine feel to it, so of course I had to do something different for mine. That’s where sparkly yarn comes in. For those who don’t know yet,

Sparkly yarn makes me happy.

For this one I used a bright orange ribbon to add some colour.

I did not want to be done with the sparkly yarn yet, so I decided to make another pouch. This time I wanted to try out a different pattern.

Crocheted Purple Pouch

This one I just crocheted in the round, alternating between rows of single crochet and double crochet. The top I ended off with a pretty scallop edged border. I happened to have just the right shade of ribbon lying around, and it looked perfect with this magenta pouch!