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Way to go Pinterest!

This week Pinterest updated their Terms of Service. You may ask what’s so interesting about that? Companies do that all the time!

Well, they had a weird little statement in there that said they own whatever we pin to their site, and that they are allowed to sell it. Crazy, right?  Naturally that created some waves when people found out. Granted, not as many waves each time Facebook changes their layout, but still.

So they did the smart thing and changed it. Maybe they did it because they care about their users, or maybe they took a closer look at the legal implications of that statement. Either way, I’m glad I can still use Pinterest without the worry of getting in trouble. So way to go Pinterest!



I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution. It’s way too late for that anyway. No, this is a resolution I plan to keep. So here goes:

I will not start any new projects until all my current projects are finished.

I always do this to myself. I get this amazing idea and I have to start immediately. Pinterest is not helping me here either. I see a really cool crochet project, and I have to start it right there and then.

So here is how this will go. Below I will list every project that I’ve started but not finished. I will not start any new projects until every single one on the list is crossed off. To help me do this, I’ll take my sister-in-law’s great advice, and pack away all the yarn that are not currently involved in a project. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

In no particular order:

  • Beaded Top
  • Amigurumi Beaded Elephant
  • Revamped Mouse Pad
  • Nyan Cat Bag
  • Green Square Blanket
  • Granny Square Seat cover

Mouse pad Drawing

Crocheted beaded top

Amigurumi Baby Elephant

Crocheted Square Blanket

Crocheted Nyan Cat bag

Granny Square Seat Cover

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I don’t have anything to show from this week.

Not because I haven’t done anything, but because I have been working on 5 different projects at the same time, and none of them are finished. There are also 3 more projects in my head that I want to do right now!

I can not stop making these octopi. They’re just too damn adorable!
I’m also trying to write out a tutorial for crocheted birds, but I realized it’s harder than actually making them!

Then I’m working on a super secret project that I’m very excited about. I’ll give you a hint.

Can you guess?

Can you guess what it is?

Happy weekend!

Hello, my name is…


and I love crocheting.

And that what this blog will be about. Most of the time anyway. If I happen to do anything else that might be remotely interesting, I’ll tell you about that as well.

So make yourself at home, and feel free to comment on any of the posts.

Happy crafting!