Free Pattern: Dishcloth

For my first tutorial, I thought a dishcloth would be a good start. Whenever somebody learns to crochet, the first thing they make is a dishcloth. If this was not the case with you, please let me know in the comments. I would love to hear what the first thing you ever made was!

Right now, making these are also a good way for me to try new yarn, new stitches or new patterns. Then you also end up with something possibly useful afterwards.

Crocheted red dishcloth

Before you start

You’ll need to know how to make chain stitches, single crochet and triple (treble) crochet.
I used worsted weight cotton yarn and an 8mm hook size.
This pattern will work just as well if you use a smaller hook down to 5mm, but it will have less open spaces and be smaller. That might be something you prefer.

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
tc – triple (treble) crochet
st – stitch
sl st – slip stitch

Making this dishcloth

This dishcloth has small bumps on the one side for extra “scrubbing power”, and it also creates a nice 3d-effect.

ch 26

Row 1: sc in the 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (25 stitches)

Row 2: ch 1, turn. * sc in first st, tc in next st. Repeat from * 12 times across the row. End with sc (25 stitches)

The triple crochet is what causes the bump, and can be popped out on either side of the dishcloth.

Row 3: ch 1, turn. sc in first stitch and across the row (25 stitches)

Row 4-25: Repeat rows 2 and 3 alternatively until you have 25 rows. Don’t fasten off.

Border: Work 23 sc evenly around the edges, working 3 sc in each of the corners. Join with sl st to the first sc.

Crocheted red dishcloth close-up

Let me know if you make some of these, and send pictures. I’d love to see it!

Feel free to make as many dishcloths as you want, and you can also sell them. However, please don’t claim this pattern as your own or reproduce it anywhere else. You’re welcome to link back to this site or pattern.

Have fun!


20 responses

  1. Love it!

  2. Very nice! I actually made a V-stitch scarf as my first crochet pattern when I picked up crochet last winter. Now I’m making everything I can get my hands on and am completely addicted!

    1. That’s great! I almost forgot that scarfs are also great first-time projects. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I made my first dishcloth using this pattern today!

    BTW, my first project was a granny square, followed by a scarf.

  4. The first thing I made was a hat when I started crocheting this summer…followed by 3 baby dresses, and 3 more baby hats…..since then I have made 3 baby sweaters,some crocheted headbands, three pairs of booties, and a prayer shawl!! I am addicted!! I was so happy to find your pattern….I am going to use it to make table favors for a baby shower, I am going to make them in white, and pin them to look like diapers!

  5. This is great. Making some for my sister’s bridal shower. Thanks for the easy directions and simple idea! Will try to share on my blog soon! I am a pseudo-new crochet/knitter. I have made dishcloths, blankets and 2 hats. Love Jessie’s idea for the baby shower!

  6. Dena Baltimore | Reply

    The first thing I ever made was a baby blanket, with a new baby in my lap, over 28 years ago!

  7. I love this! The first thing I made was a baby blanket. Many patterns are very simple patterns, and it allows you to practice the stitches over a longer span. And someone is always having a baby it seems. They also make great donations to NICUs (neonatal intensive care nurseys), as do baby/preemie hats!

  8. I have been crocheting a variation of this dishcloth for awhile now and absolutely LOVE it! I do sc, dc alternating. It still makes a bumpy dishcloth that’s great for everyday use. The first thing I learned to crochet was a l-on-g scarf.

  9. Cute! Always love a new dish cloth. The first thing I made was a book mark out of size 10 yarn. Not recommended as a first project, but I saw it in a book and wanted it for a gift. After making several of those, most anything larger was easy. That was over 27 years ago. It’s addictive and rewarding. Continue with the free patterns. Grateful. LOVE ’em!

  10. I first made a shell blanket.

  11. I think I made a doll blanket, since I was 4 when I learned from my grandmother. The sky’s the limit 54 years later. This will be only my second dishcloth, believe it or not!

  12. I taught myself how to crochet when I was approximately nine years old, from a book my mother had in her possession. I started with pom poms, then to buttons with cotton in the middle. I progressed into barbie doll clothes and then to afghans, holiday magnets, scaves and hats, etc etc. However, in all these years, I have never made a dishcloth!

  13. I started at 12 years old. My grandma & mom taught me. Since my mom mostly did granny-square afghans, I started by making a granny-square baby blanket for my former babysitter. I have been crocheting for over 30 years and work in both yarn and #10 thread. I have never made a dishcloth!

  14. I did a very easy scarf…but I definitely want to do dish clothes for Christmas presents!

  15. The first thing I ever made was scarf.

  16. hi!

    My first project was an infinity scarf, followed by 5 different scarves and then a cable crochet hat. I have now graduated to face and dish clothes 🙂

    Thanks so much for this cute little pattern!


  17. First thing I made was an infinity scarf that my Mother said was “way to hard to start with”. I did it and turned out well.

  18. I just completed this dishcloth. Very easy pattern. This is the first time I have crocheted anything with a treble crochet but after I watched the demonstration it was simple and it went very fast. I chose to crochet in the back loop of the chain as I have used this method in other projects.

  19. I made a kitchen scrubbie from tulle and then moved to a scarf. 🙂

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