Way to go Pinterest!

This week Pinterest updated their Terms of Service. You may ask what’s so interesting about that? Companies do that all the time!

Well, they had a weird little statement in there that said they own whatever we pin to their site, and that they are allowed to sell it. Crazy, right?  Naturally that created some waves when people found out. Granted, not as many waves each time Facebook changes their layout, but still.

So they did the smart thing and changed it. Maybe they did it because they care about their users, or maybe they took a closer look at the legal implications of that statement. Either way, I’m glad I can still use Pinterest without the worry of getting in trouble. So way to go Pinterest!



I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution. It’s way too late for that anyway. No, this is a resolution I plan to keep. So here goes:

I will not start any new projects until all my current projects are finished.

I always do this to myself. I get this amazing idea and I have to start immediately. Pinterest is not helping me here either. I see a really cool crochet project, and I have to start it right there and then.

So here is how this will go. Below I will list every project that I’ve started but not finished. I will not start any new projects until every single one on the list is crossed off. To help me do this, I’ll take my sister-in-law’s great advice, and pack away all the yarn that are not currently involved in a project. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

In no particular order:

  • Beaded Top
  • Amigurumi Beaded Elephant
  • Revamped Mouse Pad
  • Nyan Cat Bag
  • Green Square Blanket
  • Granny Square Seat cover

Mouse pad Drawing

Crocheted beaded top

Amigurumi Baby Elephant

Crocheted Square Blanket

Crocheted Nyan Cat bag

Granny Square Seat Cover

I’ll Be Staying Warm This Winter.

I never thought much of finger-less gloves before, being only half a glove and such. I have to admit though, they come in pretty handy when you need your fingers for stuff like, I don’t know, crocheting!

Crocheted Fingerless Gloves in Grey

The pattern is available on Ravelry. You will need an account to see the pattern, but it’s free, and definitely worth it.

New Skills

It’s been a while since I posted, I know. We did some traveling, and I had my parents visiting from South Africa.

In that time, I finally got my sewing machine fixed and my mom was able to help me with my first project! As a kid, she taught me to sew, first by hand, and later on my grandmother’s old treadle sewing machine. At one point I had an unfortunate little accident that involved the needle and thread going through my finger. Thanks to my mom insisting I get back on that horse, the incident didn’t leave any lasting scars (other than the one on my finger).

Well, here it is. I made an awesome sewing machine cover and matching pin cushion! The tree and birdie were stenciled on both sides of the cover and the pin cushion.

Stenciled fabric hanging to dry

Here is the stenciled fabric pieces hanged to dry.

Top part of sewing machine cover

This is the top section with the handle opening.

Sewing machine cover and pin cushion with stencil tree

The end result!

We of course did a ton of crocheting too. I’ll show some of the unfinished projects in a different post. The biggest project of the visit is one that I’m very proud of. It’s a top that I crocheted for my mom, and one that I finished with 2 hours to spare, before we had to take her to the airport for her trip home.

Crocheted flower top

Very smart owl you’ve got there.

Remember this little hint? Of you course you don’t, that was ages ago!
Well I finally finished it.

Crocheted Amigurumi owl

Crocheted Amigurumi Owl

If you said, “My, what a nice-looking owl!”, congratulations. I now like you.
If, on the other hand you said, “That’s a pretty cat/dog/squirrel/flower arrangement”, you join some of my family members who will have to make it up to me somehow.
Of course it helps that I put “owl” in the title, doesn’t it? Lucky you.

Giving back

The crochet group I meet up with every couple weeks have been crocheting dog blankets that goes to local pet shelters. Here’s mine:

Crocheted pet blanket

It is made with leftover acrylic yarn, and the pattern is courtesy of the Snuggles Project. The pattern, used with 2 strands of yarn, makes for a really thick snuggly blanket. Here’s a close-up of the stitches.

Crocheted pet blanket close-up

I also decided to get a head start with the Special Olympics Scarf Project. You make and donate your handmade scarfs in the official colors chosen for that year. These are then given to the athletes as a welcome gift. For more information click on the picture below.

2012 Special Olympics Scarf Project

At the bottom of the page you can select your state, and get more information on the how’s, where’s and when’s. It seems that unfortunately not all the states have resources and volunteers available to run this project, but I’m sure the other ones won’t mind your support. 😉

Basket Case

I used the fabric yarn I made a while ago to make an oval-shaped basket.

Oval basket crocheted with fabric yarn

That dark part in the middle? That’s an entire bed-skirt. The rest of it? That’s an entire double bed sheet. Makes me wonder how much fiber goes into one ball of yarn.

Basket crocheted with fabric yarn

I might have gotten another row in with the 2 pillow cases. I only keep my socks in it though, so I don’t need anything deeper.

On a different note:
I started putting my blanket squares together. Finally. Here’s where I am so far.

Crocheted Square Blanket - Incomplete

And no, those ends are not weaved in yet. I hate weaving in ends, and I always leave it for last. Maybe I can convince my mom to do it for me when she comes to visit? 😉

I’m At The Beach

‘Nuff said.

Image of crocheted octopi at the beach

Fabric Yarn

There are a lot of tutorials out there that show you how to make yarn out of plastic bags and t-shirts. I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a while, but making enough plarn seemed like it would take a while, and I don’t have enough old t-shirts to cut up.

Luckily I remembered I had these old sheets from my husband’s bachelor days. Below is a picture of the sheet and parts of the bed skirt each cut into one continuous piece of “yarn”.

Bed sheet cut into strips to make yarn

The strips were cut into approximately 2 inch wide strips

And here is a picture of the “yarn” rolled up neatly.

Fabric yarn

I don’t have finished project made from this yet, but I do have something in mind. I’ll be sure to post pictures when it’s done.
I’m also in the process of making a bolero with this yarn. We’ll see how it turns out.

Taupe yarn

Summer Top

A while ago I started making a summer top. I chose the easiest pattern I could find, but it was still pretty hard to make.
It doesn’t help that you can’t follow an exact pattern, because you have to adjust for size. Not that I ever follow patterns.

Here is the result:

Crocheted summer top in blue

Now let me start off by saying that for my first try, I’m pretty damn proud of this. It actually fits, and the colour is awesome!
It was made with 2 skeins of Patons Grace cotton yarn I had in my stash. If I was going to wear this I would have made it a bit longer, and would have needed more yarn.

What I would do different.

  • The shoulders were easy, and looked pretty much the way I imagined, although it could have been slightly wider. After that it was a process of crochet, try it on, frog it, and start all over again. Many times.
  • The armholes were either too tight or too loose and floppy. It was a matter of increasing and decreasing stitches as I went along. When I got past the bust area it became easier.
  • The other thing I should have done, was crochet in a spiral, instead of closing each round. In the picture you’ll notice the stitches where I closed each round, in the bottom left of the top.

As I mentioned, I won’t be wearing this, and have already frogged it, but I will use the yarn for something else, and I definitely will come back to this pattern again at some point.

P.S – I will make up for not posting anything last week, by doing 2 posts this week. This cutie pie below distracted me for the first half of the week. I don’t have an excuse for the second half of the week. 🙂

Cute dog